S01E05 Genesis

In the fifth installment of The Terra Nova Podcast Albie, Jordan and Heather discuss the premiere episode of Terra Nova “Genesis”. There’s first impressions, an episode recap, thoughts and opinions, Science with T.C., feedback, Question of the week, an actor profile of Shelley Conn, and much more.
3 hosts and slightly better audio. 😀

S01E04 Almost Time

In this episode of The Terra Nova Podcast Albie and Heather discuss the current Terra Nova webisodes, T.C. teaches us some great Dino facts and gives you some info on the cast of Terra Nova. We also announce our “Write-To-Win” essay contest winner… and much, much more.
Now with even better audio! 😀

S01E03 The Webisodes

Albie and Jordan review the prequel webisodes to Fox’s Terra Nova. In the first installment of “Science with T.C.” we learn about the time, place and setting of Terra Nova. There’s also more info from the executive producers, The News with Heather, liveterranova.com and feedback from Johnny Jr.

S01E02 The Countdown Begins

S01E02 “The Countdown Begins”
Albie and Jordon talk about Terra Nova, Comic Con, Terra Nova “Write-to-Win” essay contest for Life on Mars DVD set, Interviews from around the net,  feedback,  Terra Nova promos, how to help Terra Nova get good ratings, Terra Nova News with Heather and more…
Now with New and Improved Audio 🙂

S01E01 What We Think We Know

The Terra Nova Podcast Season 1 Episode 1
“What We Think We Know” is now up for download. Features include: Host introductions: Albie and Jordan; Show speculation and theories; The Terra Nova panel at Wondercon 2011; The News with Heather; And our first voice-mail, an answer to question of the week from Johnny Jr.
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V4 MP3 is now up. We have removed the temporal anomaly.